Online Instructor Led 20 Hour NMLS Licensing Course

We have partnerships with The Association of Mortgage Educators (NMLS Provider ID 1400214), Mortgage Education (NMLS Provider ID 140005), MTI (NMLS Provider ID 1400044), Origination Pro, Learning Management Platforms, and more in order to bring you the most compete and successful NMLS approved instructor-led online courses and test preparation material for your exam. We have designed our courses to guide you through the lessons, required activities, and practice exams with confidence and ease. You'll also have easy access to your instructor and other students through our discussion forums and other activities. Your instructor will help make sure you keep on track to complete your course.

Each course can last one or two weeks, has a specific start and end date and required activities that you must complete in order to receive course credit. Our Tues start dates are 7 day classes and all others are 14 day classes. Note that sections are unlocked throughout the term of the course to assist in pacing your instruction and ensuring that you remain active throughout the entire session.  You will be provided downloadable versions of reading assignments for offline reading and study reference.

NEW - Need to complete the course more quickly? Phone and ask us about our new option that allows you to complete the course in as little as three days! 866-623-1250.

IMPORTANT: Students enrolled in prelicensing courses must actively participate in the course throughout the entire session. Course completions will be submitted to the NMLS after the course end date.

You’ll receive everything you need to successfully complete your Safe Act NMLS pre-licensure education requirements.

These states have add'l education requirements in addition to or that must be found within the elective portion of this course (HI, ID, IN, MA, MD, MI, MS, NC, NM, NJ, NV, NY, PA, RI, TX, TN, UT, WA, WV). Phone us for assistance in meeting these unique state law requirements. Yes, we can assist you with a class that meets your state specific requirements.

You will also receive at no additional cost: Our entire test prep package including the new UST material as described in our web site catalog

1. NEW   5.5 hour professional video. Our test preparation event has been professionally recorded, edited and produced by Video Magic, of Hollywood, CA.. On line 24/7,  our Sr. Instructor will take you through each section of the test with hundreds of power point slides built into the presentation and detailed information you will only receive from us. The video is focused solely on you passing your NMLS test. Click here for a preview of the test preparation training. 

2. Recorded audio/video Webinar.  Full curriculum training program. Our Sr. Instructor will spend many hours with you preparing for your success with this topical training. Watch and listen on your windows media player while we focus on the newest legislation, RESPA, federal law, ethics, and the most difficult material on the test.

3. Final Review Cram Course. Over five hundred additional power point slides broken down in the areas of federal law, non traditional lending, ethics, and loan origination activity. View this presentation on line or download the slideshow for flashcard style learning.

4. Sample test questions. You will receive over 500 sample test questions and answers as a part of this training package

5. NEW   50+ pages of exam study notes. This resource provides advice, guidance, and direction in preparing for and taking your NMLS test. It will direct you to additional resources on each of the major topics of RESPA, Dodd-Frank, Reg Z, Acts and dates with links links to each. It contains tips on overcoming the difficult formatting and wording of the test. The document is complete with bullet points, talking points and high points from the NMLS curriculum.

6. NEW Entire approved NMLS curriculum as an audio MP3. Our entire NMLS approved curriculum was recorded as an audio MP3 in August 2013 and will allow you to download and listen to 16 hours of training on any device that plays MP3's. Listen on your phone, Ipad, Ipod, in your car or while you exercise and our Sr Instructor will clearly explain all of the NMLS licensing topics in a that way few others can; so that you clearly understand them.

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Online Instructor Led 20 Hour NMLS Licensing Course

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