Forensic Loan Audit Training - "Everything From A to Z"

As lenders try to minimize overall losses sustained from excessive foreclosures, many of the attorneys and loan modifications companies have implemented the use of Forensic Loan Audit in order to gain legal leverage against these loan servicers. Forensic Loan Audit is a useful tool for Forensic Specialists, and as mortgage professionals, its key to gain awareness of the standards and practices under which these loan reviews will be conducted in the future. This trend is gaining momentum from both an offensive and defensive standpoint, and the loan audit process will be the focus of activity in the coming months ahead. As Mortgage Professionals and Loan Mod Specialists, NOW is the time to get educated to ensure from a compliance standpoint, the borrower's interests have not been jeopardized.

NAMP has the answers! With a QUICK and COST-EFFECTIVE 3-hour live, instructor-led webinar entitled: FORENSIC LOAN AUDIT & REVIEW you'll learn everything from A to Z. This unique online interactive format also allows you to ask questions directly to the instructor and get immediate answers. 


  • Designed for Originators, Processors, Underwriters & Attorneys.
  • Review Borrower Loan Docs to Determine if Rights Were Voilated.
  • Basic Principals of RESPA and REG Z.
  • Borrower's Rights Under RESPA and REG Z.
  • Other Violations Such As Willful Negligence & Constructive Fraud.
  • How Forensic Loan Review Can Benefit Borrowers.


  • Live, Instructor-Led Online Webinar -- Held Monthly
  • Fully Interactive -- Ability to Ask Questions to Instructor
  • FREE Unlimited Training for 1 Year
  • 3 Hours Total
  • Recorded Self-Study Included at NO Extra Charge - Watch 24/7
  • All Course Material Included
  • Certificate of Completion


Mortgage professionals, attorneys, loan mod companies, servicers and underwriters. This webinar will cover all aspects of the Forensic Loan Review process. 


  1. You need a Computer, Internet Connection (DSL speed or higher), and Computer Speakers.
  2. The day of class you will be emailed an invite with your log-in/password. From here, you can click the link, enter your password, and download/print that day's course materials. Finally, you'll be able to log into the class up to 1/2 hour before the class start time.
  3. Once the class starts, you will hear the instructor speak through your computer speakers. You will also have the ability to ask questions through the online chat feature located on the right-hand side of our online training platform. We encourage you to ask LOTS OF QUESTIONS! 


As an active FHA Direct Endorsement (DE) Underwriter, Bonnie has 25+ years of Government underwriting experience working for several major FHA lending institutions. Bonnie is fully educated on all aspects of Forensic Auditing and Loan Review. Bonnie also writes a weekly FHA blog. During this interactive webinar Bonnie works with you directly to review and respond to all your questions. 


You will need the following: 1) a Computer, 2) Internet (DSL or higher) and 3) Computer Speakers. Please check beforehand to make sure these items are working properly. Note: dial-up internet connection will not work and wireless internet must have a full signal. 


Upon successful course completion, you will be emailed your Certificate of Completion within 5-7 business days. 


Each LIVE class has NO more than 30 students. With this in mind, live classes typically fill up 1-3 weeks ahead of time. NOTE: It is highly recommended you reserve your spot early for the live session, and in the meantime, we can provide you with the Recorded Self-Study (at no extra cost), so you can begin your training immediately. 

Forensic Loan Audit Training - "Everything From A to Z"
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