Loan Officer Academy

This 40 hr. webinar combines our 20 hr. NMLS licensing course with our 20 hr. competency course to not only give you everything you need for licensing but also provide you with the knowledge and competency you need to excel in this rewarding industry!

   20 Hour Licensing Course

You will be provided all of the tools you need to help you successfully complete your MLO pre-licensing education and prepare for your exam!  Webinars make a great choice for those who seek to obtain their national mortgage license. This course is packed with everything you need to successfully complete your pre-licensure education requirements in an informative and entertaining setting!

  • Dynamic, high-energy courses: Using proven methods and engaging hands-on activities
  • The leading instructors: Highly respected instructors adapt their teaching to best meet your learning style
  • The best curriculum: Gain the knowledge and understanding you need to pass the S.A.F.E. Test

You’ll  get  everything  you  need  to  successfully  complete  your  pre-licensure  education  requirements.  Your  20  credit  hours  will  be  uploaded  directly  into  the  NMLS  Licensing  System  Database  at  the  completion  of  your  course.

  1. Truth in Lending Act (TILA) Regulation Z [2 Hours]
  2. Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) Regulation X [2 Hours]
  3. New RESPA Good Faith Estimate [1 Hour]
  4. Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA) Regulation B [1 Hour]
  5. Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) Regulation C [30 Minutes]
  6. Federal Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) [1 Hour]
  7. Privacy Laws [1.5 Hours]
  8. Interagency Guidance on Non-traditional Mortgage Product Risks [2 Hours]
  9. Ethics, Fraud, Consumer Protection and Fair Lending Issues [3 Hours]
  10. General Mortgage Knowledge [6 Hours]

You will also receive at no additional cost: Our entire test prep package described in our web site catalog:

  • Our five hour on line test prep video and accompanying material.
  • Access to hundreds of Q&A developed from the same outline used by the NMLS for your exams.
  • After class review Cram Course, a slide show presentation that will drill in exactly what you need to remember, recommended for the evening before you take your NMLS test.
  • Book of Home Finance Electronic Version. For over 20 years, this book has been the most comprehensive in the world of real estate finance.  Nuts and bolts knowledge for confidence based on competence. 
  • Four hours of on line mortgage sales training, prospect conversion skills for the loan originator. Get loans!

20 Hour Competency Course

Our 20 hour webinar training course fills a need no other training organization addresses; we teach you to enter the industry and succeed!

Our comprehensive coverage includes:

  • understanding and explaining paperwork and disclosures 
  • reading rate sheets and structuring loans from them
  • getting commitment from the borrower
  • using a financial calculator
  • working with your processor
  • stacking a proper file for submission
  • understanding loan programs and how to qualify borrowers for them

We cover all of the topics that a loan officer must demonstrate complete competence over in order to get loans!

Mortgage lending has always been and continues to be one of the best kept secrets in business!  Unlimited income potential, helping borrowers purchase, refinance and create wealth, and the liberty to work in the most entrepreneurial fashion make mortgage lending one of the most rewarding careers in all of industry.  

Our training course delivers both competence and confidence that is not available elsewhere.  Men and women of all ages and backgrounds travel from around the country to attend training. We offer placement assistance to our graduates nationwide for those that seek it and our instructors have trained tens of thousands of loan officers since 1987.


You will learn the mortgage business from A-Z and have the upper hand on your competition! No more second guessing yourself when speaking to borrowers. Have the confidence and competence you need to thrive in this competitive business!

Loan Officer Academy
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